Welcome to Mama Memos!

Hi everyone!!  Thanks so much for visiting my page, I am really excited to get it off of the ground!!  This website will include a range of different things, from reviews of my favorite products for moms and kids, information about what is going on in my life, and in this section, I am going to be doing Mama Memos!! Blogging is really great; I love reading mom blogs about products, cooking, fitness, and more. But as a busy mom, I don’t have the time to write essays on topics.  So I am trading in the blog with the Mama Memos – short, sweet, sometimes sassy, but always simple memos!!  Topics will include a bit of an inner look at my life and thoughts on parenting, relationships, kids, clothes, work, and so much more!  I cant wait to share more with you!


Other Memos: